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Many patients take multiple medicines to improve their health. Medication reconciliation helps providers track what patients use regularly.

Vaccines are critical to patients’ long-term health. Discover several ways providers can increase their immunization rates.

There’s a lot to consider before making the switch from fee-for-service to value-based care, but these 4 tips can help set a practice up for early success.

Physician burnout is a serious issue, affecting providers, patients and the healthcare system as a whole. Learn how value-based care can mitigate many of the factors that contribute to burnout.

Advanced care planning is difficult, but it’s essential to value-based care. These conversations benefit patients and providers alike. Learn how.

Medication nonadherence is a perpetual problem in healthcare. Learn how Innovista worked with a Houston area practice to improve their scores of this important triple-weighted measure.

Providers face some financial risk under value-based care. Risk adjustment coders safeguard payments by auditing files for accurate coding.

This case study illustrates the power of partnership between Innovista and a Chicago area practice in leveraging data to make better healthcare decisions.

Patients need the right care at the right cost. Utilization management nurses ensure members receive appropriate services based on evidence-based practices.