Who We Are

Innovista was founded to enable physicians to engage, support, and manage new value-based savings and shared-risk models.

Our Mission

Helping Providers Succeed in Value-Based Care by Developing Strong Relationships, Delivering Innovative Solutions, and Driving Exceptional Performance

Innovista Health is a complete value-based care and managed services organization that offers solutions for practice transformation, including multi-payer program administration; quality, utilization, and care management services; and performance improvement insights and reporting. We partner with payers and providers to build healthy communities.

These care delivery and payment models offer the opportunity for improved practice management, increased collaboration with other providers, and enhanced reimbursement. Investing in data tracking, management tools, and other practice operational improvements can contribute to long-term success.

Innovista combines deep industry experience, focused technology, and innovative programs to offer a wide array of solutions for our partners at any point along the continuum of value-based care.

Founded in November 2013

Headquartered in Chicago, IL

Serving 3 of the Top 5 Metro Areas in the USA

Certified Management Service Organization

Employee Stories

Our Vision For Healthcare

We spend trillions yearly on healthcare, yet our average life expectancy is too low, and our chronic disease burden, preventable hospitalizations, and maternal mortality rates are too high.

It’s time for change.

Healthcare providers must acknowledge that the status quo isn’t working and adopt new care models. Payers must design reimbursement models that support improved outcomes. And government entities must create a policy ecosystem that supports and incentivizes the shift away from more care, toward better care.

It’s time to usher in a new era of healthcare with value-based care.

Unfortunately, transitioning from the traditional fee-for-service payment model to value-based care can be challenging for providers.

In fact, 67% of medical group leaders believe value-based care helps them achieve better outcomes for patients, and 43% feel it’s better for financial performance. However, less than a quarter of their revenue comes from value-based contracts—and the biggest obstacle preventing them from adding more contracts is lack of resources.

This is where Innovista Health can make a difference.

We give providers the tools and resources they need to not only succeed but move the needle in the value-based landscape.

With the right infrastructure in place, we can prevent diseases before they become chronic or life threatening. We can help providers catch and treat illnesses before they become an emergency. We can enhance health equity so that no one is left behind. We can prioritize patient outcomes while rewarding physicians for keeping their patients healthy in the most cost-efficient manner. And together, we can build stronger, healthier communities.

If you share our vision for healthcare, join our team!



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