Who We Serve

Providers, Payers, Patients & Partners

Innovista serves as the bridge between physician practices, patients, and payers—helping to streamline systems and processes so that everyone achieves not only successful outcomes but high satisfaction in a risk-based arrangement.

Why Partner with Innovista?

As today’s environment shifts toward value-based care, practices need an experienced partner to help them navigate the journey to better population health management. Partnering with Innovista can help by:

  • Providing detailed, customized coaching on quality improvement, care gap closure, and how to achieve better patient engagement
  • Supporting physician quality reporting and interpretation of results
  • Measuring outcomes for value-based payments
  • Navigating reporting programs for compliance with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Analyzing data for quality workflows and revenue improvement

How Innovista Serves Physicians

We help physicians and accountable care organizations (ACOs) achieve success through different strategies.

  • Savings: Generating savings by reducing costs while maintaining high-quality care
  • Coaching: Leveraging data to reduce unnecessary care, close care gaps, and streamline practice workflow
  • Patient outreach: Connecting with patients to close care gaps, manage utilization of services, and improve quality of care
  • Data collection and analysis: Using payer and practice data and market trends to pinpoint cost-saving and quality-improvement opportunities
  • Risk contracts with payers: Negotiating risk contracts on behalf of physicians
  • Physician recruitment and network development: Identifying provider partners who can grow and enhance physician networks

Physician Success in 3 Keys Areas Leads to VBC Success

  • Ability to grow consistently
  • Ability to reduce total cost of care
  • Ability to deliver strong operational performance

What Physicians Are Saying About Innovista

How Innovista Serves Payers

We work directly with payers to manage provider contracts and ensure care is aligned to cost. Our services provide predictable margins and cost-effective care for members.

We facilitate success between payers and providers through:

  • Reduced administrative burden on physicians and office staff

  • Physician recruitment and network development to grow networks

  • Analytics-driven insights  to risk-stratify populations and support data-driven care management

  • Quality improvement  for better patient outcomes

  • Data platforms  to collect, analyze, and structure data

  • Integrated clinical care models  for seamless transitions of care, which reduces unnecessary and excess medical costs

  • Provider engagement and management to enable them with the right capital/capabilities to navigate the transition into risk models

Physician & Payer Needs in a VBC Platform

Value-Based Care Platform
  • Provider Engagement & Management
    Reduced Administrative Burden
  • Integrated Clinical Care Model
    Physician Network Development
  • Data Platform
    Analytics-Driven Insights
  • Quality Improvement

How Innovista Serves Patients

In value-based care, patients have an ecosystem of services at their disposal, aimed at reducing unnecessary expenditures and addressing underlying factors like social determinants of health (SDOH) that affect healthcare decisions and utilization. We support patients with:

  • Outreach efforts through community health workers to connect patients with health and social resources, and care managers to facilitate post-discharge care, referrals, assessments, disease-specific education, and more

  • Closing care gaps by expanding care through annual wellness visit and preventive screening scheduling and compliance

  • Partnerships with organizations to meet the various needs of patients outside the physician’s office

  • Comprehensive care management including transitional care and follow-up, disease management, and behavioral case management


Clinical partnerships are essential to the success of ACOs, helping to reduce emergency department utilization and medical loss ratio, increase quality gap closure and patient/physician satisfaction, and lessen the burden of PCPs. We partner with a number of organizations to fulfill various needs across the spectrum of healthcare.

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