What We Do

Navigate Value-Based Care While Maximizing Revenue

Consolidated health systems are growing, but independent physicians still account for roughly one-third of all health providers. Independent physicians play a vital role in the healthcare industry, yet remaining solo can present financial strain and risk.

Participating in value-based care (VBC) can minimize these risks. With the number of lives in VBC models expected to reach 160 million in 2027, it truly is the future of medicine.

However, practices need the right partner to help them navigate the growing body of regulations and increasing complexities while maximizing revenue under the VBC model.

  • Enhancing economics and incentives
  • Securing unique risk contracts
  • Building best-in-class clinical models
  • Creating strategic VBC roadmaps

Create a Strategic Roadmap to Success

We work closely with independent practices and help them succeed in VBC by:

  • Organizing primary care risk-bearing entities (standard affiliate, joint venture, or wholly owned)
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships with payers to deliver unique risk contracts
  • Deploying clinical models, playbooks, virtual care resources, and staff to supplement care and reduce burden on providers
  • Enhancing economics through sustainable incentive sharing

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