Embracing the Bigger Picture in Value-Based Care

A key measure in furthering the success of accountable care organizations (ACOs) and clinically integrated networks (CINs) is access to holistic patient data. Succeeding in value-based reimbursement requires a high level of competence related to population health management. Population health management is, at its core, a vision for the improvement of patient care, focused on marrying healthcare IT with patient-centric treatments and care plans.

A holistic look at patient data offers providers the opportunity to merge clinical and claims data to build a full 360 degree of their patients and the treatments that may or may not work for them based on their medical history. Therefore, it makes sense that an ACO or CIN should create a system that includes both an electronic data warehouse (EDW) for data analysis and a health information exchange (HIE) to share crucial information among members of the network.

Key Takeaways:

  1. A holistic patient view results in more targeted care and budget adherence. Increased data availability can lead to a reduction in repeat or unnecessary procedures as well as prevent extraneous hospital admissions and emergency department visits. All ofthese increased efficiencies lead to savings and better adherence to ACO and CIN budgets
  2. Holistic patient data enhances the ability of ACOs and CINs to engage in key population health management activities. More comprehensive patient data allows for better risk identification and stratification, which in turn leads to better management of patients at higher risk of hospitalization. Access to holistic data provides the opportunity to push automated reminder messages tailored to individual patients, increasing care plan compliance. Increased connection between primary care providers and specialists allows PCPs to follow up on patient visits, labs requested, and prescriptions filled, ensuring a better understanding of patient condition and compliance.


Link: HIT Think: Why a Holistic View of Patient Data is Crucial in Pop Health


How can Innovista help? 

Innovista has stressed the importance of the “big picture” when it comes to value-based patient care from the beginning. Innovista Health Solutions combines the provider EHR workflow with the business intelligence of claims data, in order to provide actionable insights at the point of care, which include quality measure gap closure, risk adjustment coding opportunities, retrospective review of longitudinal cost trends, and financial status of value-based patients. Innovista exists to help providers succeed in value-based care by developing strong relationships, delivering innovative solutions and driving exceptional performance. Strong dedication to improving patient outcomes drives Innovista to provide partner physicians with expert staffing, clinical programs, delegated services, and analytics capabilities optimized to drive effective change.


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