Implementing Innovative Solutions During Times of Significant Change

The biannual Deloitte Health Care CEO Perspectives Study interviewed 31 healthcare CEOs to gain a better understanding of the successes, challenges, and responsibilities faced by health systems and payors. It is through the information they shared that we can better understand the current healthcare landscape of the United States.

Innovista Health Solutions thought leaders reviewed the study and provide the following analysis on the solutions and strategies healthcare executives are employing in response to challenges posed by the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

The ever-changing nature of today’s healthcare landscape requires leaders to develop unique, innovative solutions on a regular basis. Some leaders, wary of a black swan event so unusual or unexpected that there is little chance of anticipating or preparing for its occurrence. Consequently, they are taking significant steps to stay ahead of potential industry disruption. Regardless of outlook, however, most healthcare leaders agree that advancements in technology and data will usher in most significant changes in the healthcare industry.

While some organizations have chosen to focus solely on technological advances, others have entered into strategic partnerships or focused on diversifying leadership teams by pursuing candidates from outside the healthcare sphere. The bottom line, however, is that a healthcare revolution is most likely to stem from advancements in applications of technology, and health system leaders across the board are investing in innovations that make the most of their patient data.

Healthcare institutions must work to create and maintain organizations that are both fiscally and strategically agile. In a world dominated by choice, consumers are consistently looking for high quality, user-friendly, personalized products and experiences, and healthcare must adapt to this consumer mandate the same as any other business entity. There is a growing desire to incorporate technology into everyday situations, especially as relates to health and wellness, and this is pushing healthcare providers to embrace more tech-based patient solutions. Providers should note that patients are not the only group that could reap the benefits of this drive towards digital solutions, however. For example, wearable tech offers a unique opportunity to providers in that it allows for near-constant monitoring of patients’ vitals, activity levels, and sleep schedules, among other things.

Those that resist technological innovation are at risk of being upended by more adaptable competitors. Younger generations are more mobile and less brand loyal than their predecessors, and the healthcare entities that can seamlessly blend their in-patient and care management capabilities with digital services stand to succeed with this patient base.

Innovista Health Solutions and our partner ACOs have embraced this trend of growth through technology by partnering with Wiseman Solutions, among other offerings. Wiseman Solutions offers a suite of products that integrate with Innovista’s data warehouse as well as physician EMRs to give providers access to actionable data within their standard medical record and drive more comprehensive patient care. One of these tools, 360 Ribbon, sits over a physician’s EMR and pushes actionable insights to drive high-quality decision making at the point of care. While 360 Ribbon addresses care at an individual patient level, 360 DeepLearn is an analytics tool that provides practices an in-depth population view on the enterprise level. The 360 DeepLearn tool offers providers access to key data including patient stratification based on clinical and savings opportunities. Pairing patient-focused providers with technology solutions such as the tools referenced above results in superior care for patient populations while simultaneously monitoring, and ultimately reducing, cost trends.


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