Increasing Productivity: How Leaders Set the Tone – and How They Can Improve It

The healthcare industry oftentimes requires an advanced sense of care and compassion, but workplace environments seem to be extinguishing these very traits that are so valued in provider-patient relationships. There is an astonishingly high rate of workplace disengagement across industries, with 68% of workers considered “disengaged”, according to the “State of the American Workplace” poll by Gallup. The most commonly cited reason is intense dissatisfaction as relates to leadership, which leads to low engagement and, in turn, reduced productivity, which ultimately has a negative impact on a company’s bottom line.

Danna Beal, M.Ed, an international speaker and author, suggests that office leaders have a greater ability to increase employee engagement, morale, and productivity by acknowledging negative leadership traits and engaging in activities and behaviors that mitigate or eliminate those negative traits. Practicing techniques to increase positivity, acknowledging achievements, and leading by example are all techniques identified by Beal as being crucial to restoring the healthcare sector to a community of caring, authentic, and productive professionals.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Ego-driven leaders are uninspiring leaders. An ego-driven leader is defined as an individual who leads using artificial power, or power gained through bullying, unnecessarily criticizing, patronizing, or micro-managing, to name a few undesirable methods. Leaders who operate via artificial power do so in order to hide their own faults and inadequacies. The most effective leadership comes from individuals who find their power in their own authenticity. They embody many positive traits, such as integrity, humility, vision, and courage. These authentic leaders do not lose these traits during times of high pressure or disruption, but rather inspire teams to respond with a similar positivity and passion.
  2. Ego-driven leaders can become authentic leaders if they commit to taking the appropriate steps. Techniques to transform a disengaged workforce include teaching and encouraging mindfulness and meditation, practicing compassion with oneself and others, taking responsibility for one’s decisions and actions, and recognizing and celebrating people’s strengths. Ultimately, practicing general compassion, respect, and appreciation helps leaders to step away from their own insecurities and replace those feelings of inadequacy with true leadership based on trust, respect, and authenticity.


Our Response at Innovista Health Solutions

Innovista is passionate about promoting a positive workplace culture where staff feel equipped, supported, and empowered. Innovista implemented internal campaigns to increase communication across the company to create a greater sense of unity, mission, and direction. Innovista strives to maintain its three core values: integrity, determination, and teamwork, beginning with its core leadership team. We believe in building relationships at Innovista both with our clients and with our staff, and without integrity, determination, and teamwork, there can be no strong partnership with either.


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