Laredo, TX, March 15, 2017 Innovista Health Solutions (Innovista) has announced a new client partnership with Seven Flags Accountable Care Organization (ACO).  Seven Flags ACO was launched in 2016 with 18 Primary Care Physicians, committed to providing high quality, cost effective care to their patients.  With the addition of several El Paso Physicians in 2017, the ACO will manage over 10,500 patients in value based contracts.

Seven Flags ACO is comprised of two U.S. Mexico border regions which are characterized by having difficult patient populations to manage due to the inequitable access to health care.  The physicians partnering in this ACO have an opportunity to combat these community challenges and improve access to quality care.

This Seven Flags ACO is one of several new ACOs created through the collaboration of Innovista and TMA Practice Edge.  TMA PracticeEdge, LLC, is a services company developed by the Texas Medical Association to bring physicians the technology and expertise they need to take advantage of new health care payment models.   To date, ten ACOs have been launched as a result of this thriving partnership.  Seven Flags ACO joins Innovista’s growing Texas market of independent provider organizations, which includes more than 1,000 physicians providing care throughout Texas communities.

“We are excited to combine our people and management processes with Seven Flags’ passionate commitment of providing high quality, value-based care.  Together, I feel confident we will see great results in this new ACO,” said Rich Steinle, CEO of Innovista Health Solutions.

“Partnering with TMA Practice Edge and Innovista has allowed the Laredo community to create a thriving ACO that welcomes physicians who are committed to improving overall patient care.  Our hopes are to continue to grow the Seven Flags ACO with the addition of new value based contracts and physicians,” said Dr. Luis Benavides, President of Seven Flags ACO.

About Innovista Health Solutions:

Innovista Health Solutions is a Population Health Management organization that enables independent physicians to engage, support and manage populations in new value-based savings and shared-risk models.  With their extensive industry experience, population health focused technology and innovative approach, Innovista delivers a truly unique, state-of-the-art solution for health care providers, partnering organizations and facilities.

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About TMA PracticeEdge, LLC:

TMA PracticeEdge helps physicians lead health care innovation in today’s evolving marketplace. The company, launched by the Texas Medical Association and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, offers participating physicians several services. Contact us to learn more about TMA PracticeEdge.

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About Seven Flags ACO:

Seven Flags ACO is a physician-led accountable care organization comprising of primary care physicians in Laredo and El Paso. Physicians interested in participation should contact Kim Harmon at (866) 740-1260 or



Innovista Health Solutions Media Contact:

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