Genesis Physicians Group, one of the largest independent physician associations in North Texas, has partnered with Innovista Health Solutions to expand the capabilities of independent physicians to participate in risk-bearing arrangements that positively impact the health status of a broad patient population (including Medicare, Commercial, Medicaid, ACA and the uninsured), while addressing rapidly growing health care costs across the North Texas region.

The partnership combines the knowledge and experience of Genesis’ work with independent physicians over 30 years, with Innovista’s health care industry expertise and population health technology, to improve quality in care delivery, while reducing avoidable health care cost increases. Recognizing the unsustainable cost of health care in this market, Genesis launched this initiative to assist independent physicians in their move from a traditional fee-for-service business model to financial risk contracting.

“Genesis and Innovista have come together because of the common belief that the consolidation of the North Texas health care market has placed unprecedented upward pressure on health care prices. These price increases create enormous barriers for vulnerable populations in all payer classes. We believe in a new approach to controlling spiraling health care costs and improving quality of care, which is enhanced when independent physicians assume financial risk for patient care costs while addressing health care needs of all populations.” said Jim Walton, President/CEO of Genesis Physicians Group.

Rich Steinle, President/CEO of Innovista Health Solutions, continues, “We value Genesis’ diverse network of primary and specialty care physicians, and their leadership and vision to serve patients across all populations…Their commitment to North Texas communities, particularly the most vulnerable, is inspiring, timely and of great value, as the country and the healthcare industry strive to deliver care that is both effective and affordable.”


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About Genesis Physicians Group

Genesis Physicians Group, an Independent Physician Association founded in 1986, is a physician-led membership organization, serving a wide range of independent primary care and specialist physicians in the North Texas area.


About Innovista Health Solutions

Innovista Health Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC), is a Population Health Management organization that enables providers to engage, support and manage populations in new value-based savings and shared-risk models.


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