Health IT company and population health MSO will work together to optimize clinical and financial performance for ACO members

Holon Solutions, a healthcare IT company, today announced their development partnership with Innovista Health Solutions, a population health managed services organization (MSO). The relationship began in 2016 as a pilot opportunity for Innovista to review the viability and benefits of the Holon solution. The current engagement allows for deployment of Holon’s CollaborNet technology to all of Innovista’s members as a standard part of the organization’s IT toolkit.

Innovista currently has 32 independent physician association (IPA) and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) clients representing over 2,100 primary care physicians in Texas, Illinois, and Georgia. While Innovista has developed multiple programs to help physicians manage revenue and expenses, disparate EHRs created an inefficient workflow for physicians, staff, and care coordinators.

“We were looking for a technology solution that could query the database in the EHR and alert a physician in real time – to say, here is a patient from a value-based contract, here are the quality gaps, the coding opportunities, and the utilization issues,” said Kevin Spencer M.D., CMO at Innovista Health Solutions and a practicing family physician. “It sounded like pie in the sky to us, but, it turns out that that’s exactly what Holon does.”

Holon’s pilot with Innovista took claims feed and EHR data stored in Innovista’s integrated population health platform, identified actionable opportunities, and pushed the information right to the point of care in the physician’s workflow. The pilot achieved increased screening rates and care gap closures, streamlined workflows and processes, and improved physician engagement. The companies will continue to collaborate to optimize patient outcomes and financial performance for Innovista’s members around the country.

“From the beginning, Holon has been an incredible partner,” said Rich Steinle, CEO of Innovista. “It’s not just that their software tells our participating primary care physicians exactly what they need to know, when they need to know it – it’s the responsiveness of their development team and the strong relationship we have with their leadership. Being very picky with who we go to market with is of the utmost importance, but the decision to grow our relationship with Holon was easy. They have our trust.”

“During the pilot, Innovista was truly a sounding board for us, allowing us to try new products and solutions to see how solvent they would be in the market,” said Bryant Castleton, CEO at Holon. “That partner mindset was extremely valuable to both our organizations. We’re committed to listening to Innovista’s needs, and they’re committed to adding functionality and giving feedback. We’re thrilled by the level of collaboration we’ve been able to achieve with Innovista, and the results that they achieved during our pilot. I only see our relationship continuing to grow stronger.”

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About Innovista Health Solutions
Innovista Health Solutions is a population health management organization that enables independent physicians to engage, support, and manage populations in value-based shared savings and risk models. With their extensive industry experience, population health focused technology and innovative approach, Innovista delivers a truly unique, state-of-the-art solution for health care providers, partnering organizations and facilities.

About Holon Solutions
Holon is a healthcare information technology company that surfaces critical patient data within the provider’s workflow, so informed decisions can be made at the point of care. Based in Alpharetta, GA, Holon senses when a patient chart is opened in the EHR, delivering intelligent alerts that present gaps in care, coding opportunities, whether the patient is part of a managed care contract, and more. Holon empowers organizations to optimize patient outcomes and their financial performance as they manage a growing number of value-based contracts. For more information, please visit

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